2021 HKFA Board Elections – List of Candidates


The 2021 HKFA Board Elections will be held on Friday 25 June 2021, the following list of candidates in the coming HKFA Board Elections, as examined and confirmed by the HKFA Electoral Committee:-

Position Running

Name of Candidate



Club-Linked Directors

(for the term 2021-25)

Mr. Ng Kin Kenneth (Kit Chee)

Kit Chee

Lung Moon

Mr. Tam Ping Chi (HK Pegasus)

HK Pegasus

St. Joseph’s

Mr. Wong Chun Hung Hanson (Resources Capital)


Kwong Wah

Mr. Wong Ivan Siu Kei (Kowloon City District)

Tung Sing

Eastern District

Non-Club-Linked Directors

(for the term 2021-25)

Ms. Yvonne Wong

Tung Sing

The Citizen

Mr. Woo Wai Man

The Citizen

Tung Sing

Mr. Mok Man Too Michael

HK Rangers

Sun Source

Mr. Chan Hiu Fung Nicholas

Tung Sing

Eastern District

Mr. Tang Shu Pui Simon

Sai Kung Friends

Double Flower

Mr. Hong Po Kui Martin



*Updated 22/6/2021