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  Sapling Cup Group A Kitchee 4:0 Hong Kong Pegasus

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R&F striker Giovane Da Silva earns BOC Life Hong Kong Premier League MVP honor (November 2019) 2020-01-02
Lethal R&F marksman Serge Deble bags BOC Life HKPL MVP honor (October 2019) 2019-12-04
Lee Man striker Michael N’dri earns BOC Life HKPL MVP honor (August & September 2019) 2019-10-21
Wofoo Tai Po striker Igor Torres Sartori nets HKPL MVP honor (April & May, 2019) 2019-05-21
Kitchee winger Fernando Pedreira claims HKPL MVP (March, 2019) honor again 2019-05-06
Kwoon Chung Southern forward James Ha picks up HKPL MVP (February) award with dazzling displays 2019-04-01
R&F midfielder Tan Chun-lok takes mistakes positively and strives for continuous improvements 2019-03-20
Kitchee winger Fernando Pedreira wins BOC Life HKPL Player of the Month (January, 2019) honor 2019-03-04
Wofoo Tai Po midfielder Philip Chan nets Hong Kong Premier League MVP award (December, 2018) 2019-02-11
Bruising R&F defender Leung Nok-hang claims Hong Kong Premier League MVP (November, 2018) honor 2018-12-31
Best Union Yuen Long hotshot Chan Kwong-ho nets HKPL MVP honor (October, 2018) 2018-12-10
Red-hot Kwoon Chung Southern forward Dhiego Martins claims HKPL MVP award (August & September, 2018) 2018-10-28
University graduate Lau Hok-ming channels undivided attention towards professional football 2018-09-28
Hong Kong Pegasus’ new shot-stopper returning to his familiar surroundings 2018-09-18
Humble Mohamed Sissoko holds nothing back in latest Hong Kong premier league adventure 2018-09-06

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